Friday, December 5, 2008

Submission & Acceptance

Following Inkpot and her various submission competitions has made me recall the joy of getting accepted for the first time. It was such a high, I thought 'This is addictive - I want more!'. Although I have had several other acceptances, I have not put in much time in the last few months - in fact, I haven't submitted anything for ages.

Therefore when I return from holidays, I am going to be all motivated to do loads of writing. At least - at long last - my evening classes are over, so I don't have them hanging over me any more, which should help me get into my new writing routine (of at least an hour a day during the week, more at the weekend).

I think I will blog every day about how much or little I have done - just to embarrass myself into doing some work!


Inkpot said...

Being accepted is a high and one you should be working towards experiencing again. :) I think it is a harmless drug, but I'm not sure. I think your plan is a really good one. We must have a submission contest when you come back.

Ionafey said...

Acceptance is an awesome feelings. It's like you're accepted. :) I feel your pain about the writing thing. My mom died in 2003 and I had not written anything since. It was like that part of me died, too.

Thanks to places like Helium and Blogger, and of course, the constant support of our dear Inkpot, I'm writing more than ever.

Post your progress and we'll be here to cheer you. When I get discouraged -- and I already feel some of it -- come and cheer me.

We're all in this together. :)♦

The Dude said...

best of luck with it, and its not a bad idea embarrassing yourself if its the only thing that motivates! :D

Younghee-jin said...

Wow! Congratulations for being accepted and best of luck on the competition!

I plan to do that someday if I can.
Take care. ^_^

Valinora Troy said...

Thanks for all the support, I'm already embarrassed by being back from holidays over a week and with only a little to show for it!