Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Job

On Monday I start a new job.

The good news - I shall be earning some money, a sad necessity for all people, even writers. The job also sounds very interesting, and the company, from what I've seen so far, seems excellent.

The downside - not so much time for writing.

Of course, there are two comments I should make about this (before anyone else does) :

1. What have you done for the last two years, time you took out of the busy world to write? Okay, I've written a couple of books (in need of more work), a novella and had a few short stories published, but I have not been as productive as I thought I would be.

2. Working full time does not mean I cannot write - it just makes it a little harder. After all, loads of people work full-time and write at night/weekends, including some very successful writers.

I'm hoping of course that the routine of working daily will get me into the routine of doing a regular hour's writing every evening plus lunchtime and half a day at the weekend. Is this possible, ambitious or totally under-achieving?

Saturday, November 1, 2008


A new term to me!

Today is November 1st - All Saints Day. It also also the start of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo).

This year Inkpot plans to publish her story on her blog, and invite contributions from the unsuspecting public (for some reason, either 'unsuspecting' or 'general' has to precede 'public').

So be sure to drop by her blog to have your say on the Blovel!

By the way, as is probably obvious to you, we survived last weekend's horror ordeal, but only just! We came close to extinction - too awful to tell you the details in case it ruins your repose for years to come!

Best of luck to all Nano participants this year!