Monday, June 30, 2008


The 27th July is fast approaching and where is my chap book?

Well, I've been neglecting it these last few weeks (evil job-hunting!). I have a few changes to make, and I started on them yesterday. Still a bit to go, but I really need it finished in the next day or two to get it done on time!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Don't forget to keep notes of all your ideas - write or record them as they come to you. It is all to easy to have a great idea only to forget it a short while later.

This has often happened to me. Although sometimes I remember the thought - for instance, I have two ideas from yesterday that I have yet to write down but at this moment I recall them - more often than not I lose them because I don't have a pen or paper or voice recorder to hand. Those wonderful dreams that fade as you wake, the burst of inspiration in the shower (get waterproof ink for that one, or an indelible pen to write on the tiles) or as you sit in traffic.

Em, what were my two ideas again?

Friday, June 20, 2008


I was going to say 'Failing memories...' but I don't really mean that.

I was looking at some notes I did for a story only a few months ago. I have a sentence about people being attacked by a pack of squealing flesh-eating pig like things. I have absolutely no memory of writing this (was it even me?). Not sure if I even want to claim them but it is strange to have no recollection whatever about it, especially when it is so recent!

Inkpot blogged about this recently - but at least she was talking about stuff she had written years ago!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well, I never made the 6th submission for May...

However, two for June already (okay, both resubmissions).

My productivity has not being great recently as I attempt to find a job by day and do my MOS exams by night... :)

The good news so far is that I have finally completed the first draft of my chapbook for International Day of Books.

I find it really difficult to judge my work - I can't read it as a story, but see instead an array of errors, poor character development, weak plot, dull prose... I have sent it to Inkpot for a sneak preview and I hope she will be brutally honest about it. I would hate my entry to be below standard.

If anyone has any useful tips for learning to judge your work, I would be grateful if you would share them. Thanks!