Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I really mean to blog at least once a week, hopefully twice. I would love to say daily but I don't think I'd manage that. It's amazing how much time blogging actually consumes - I can see why photos are used so often! (I know, they take time too).

I survived my first week in the new job, by starting late on Monday and leaving early Wednesday and Thursday for evening class. By Wednesday I also picked up a bad cough/chest infection, in bed all weekend and yesterday..anyway I got through it.

Tomorrow night is my last Wednesday night class, and Thursday is my last Thursday night class - I cannot wait. In fact, I'm celebrating by going on holiday to the sun. When I return to blogland, I will have my evenings back for writing, and I also intend to do some at lunch (once I'm settled in the job long enough to be my usual anti-social self).

How do people working by day find both time and energy to write, I wonder. Is it sheer self-discipline, and does anyone know where I can get some?

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Inkpot said...

It is good to hear from you again. I hope you are feeling better. Yeah, only two more nights of teaching! Hope you have a good holiday. Btw - your followers are growing! :)