Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back from Holidays

Back from 8 days in Tenerife, where I had a lovely relaxing holiday.

The island is very English - which means lots of plain food for me to eat. Usually I find it difficult to find somewhere nice but there was plenty of choice. The weather was not great - cloudy most of the time, but to enjoy 17 or 18 degrees in the middle of December is such a treat - I want to go every winter now! Of course, when I returned to work, I was informed that Tenerife was known as the Cloudy island...

I have a tendancy to bring bad weather with me whenever I go on holiday - be it New York, South Africa, France, Italy, Croatia, wherever - thunder and lightning usually follow. Some people, of course, talk about the earthquake in Assisi that happened after I visited, the fires in France, and numerous other things... It almost always rains on my holidays.

It didn't rain in Tenerife although the locals told me that it was really bad weather for there, so perhaps I really deserve my reputation!


Inkpot said...

Oh dear, what terror will now befall tenerife? Remember you visited New Orleans before Katrina. Mmmm... that would make a good story actually. Glad you had a good holiday.

Valinora Troy said...

Thanks, Inkpot! :)