Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Job

On Monday I start a new job.

The good news - I shall be earning some money, a sad necessity for all people, even writers. The job also sounds very interesting, and the company, from what I've seen so far, seems excellent.

The downside - not so much time for writing.

Of course, there are two comments I should make about this (before anyone else does) :

1. What have you done for the last two years, time you took out of the busy world to write? Okay, I've written a couple of books (in need of more work), a novella and had a few short stories published, but I have not been as productive as I thought I would be.

2. Working full time does not mean I cannot write - it just makes it a little harder. After all, loads of people work full-time and write at night/weekends, including some very successful writers.

I'm hoping of course that the routine of working daily will get me into the routine of doing a regular hour's writing every evening plus lunchtime and half a day at the weekend. Is this possible, ambitious or totally under-achieving?


The Dude said...

I know exactly how you feel, im just a little ahead in that i got a job about 8 months ago after taking time off to write but needed to work to pay the bills!
it is harder and frustrating at times, but it does help you get a little more organised and intense cos you need to push to make time and space to write - which is what you really want to do.
have patience, these things have a strange way of working out..

Valinora Troy said...

Thanks Dude,for the support. I was afraid it would look like I'd thrown in the towel (and I hope I can make time for both)!

How much time are you getting for your writing these days?

Inkpot said...

Good luck in the new job VT. I hope you still have plenty of time for writing. I'm sure you will, if you make time, and as the Dude says - it might even help you to be more disciplined about writing.

Inching Past Quarterlife said...

I hope your new job is going well! I'm currently searching for a job where I write less on the job, so I'm not burnt out on it, when I do want to "write for myself!"

I just read an article about writers who wake up early and write before work, but that sounds like torture to me.

You'll find the time. There's always time for passion.

Ionafey said...

Good luck on your new job.

My husband always says that when you think you don't have time you actually do. You choose to spend it on whatever you spend it on. It's sort of a kick in the pants when you think about it. What do you do every day that's you don't have to, really? That could be where you fit in the writing.

I'm trying this and have gotten some good stuff written. Still working on it, though. :)

Hi, btw, I'm Lynda. :)

Valinora Troy said...

Hi Inchingpastquarterlife and Lynda

Thanks for the comments and support. You're right - there's always time to do what has to be done (or for what you want to do, perhaps I should say!!).

It's always easier to make excuses of course, but I intend not to do that any longer after I return from my week's holiday (2 weeks in the new job are more than enough for me!)

Thanks! :)