Saturday, November 1, 2008


A new term to me!

Today is November 1st - All Saints Day. It also also the start of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo).

This year Inkpot plans to publish her story on her blog, and invite contributions from the unsuspecting public (for some reason, either 'unsuspecting' or 'general' has to precede 'public').

So be sure to drop by her blog to have your say on the Blovel!

By the way, as is probably obvious to you, we survived last weekend's horror ordeal, but only just! We came close to extinction - too awful to tell you the details in case it ruins your repose for years to come!

Best of luck to all Nano participants this year!


Inkpot said...

You got to post about the Blovel before me! Darn :) Happy bloveling!

Valpot said...

Thanks, Inky. I think I will do my blovelling on DNOTY 2007 blog (if I do it...)

Inkpot said...

Looking forward to reading your blovel and glad you are working on DNOTY 2007 again. Will there be a DNOTY 2008 I wonder? I suppose not now that the Nodpot cup is all full up.

The Dude said...

hey nice to meet a fellow writer in waiting like myself!
you have a nice blog here, will definately drop by more often and am looking forward to reading the "blovel" (strangely, quite like that word!)
by the way, what is the 'Nano' you referred to?

Valinora Troy said...

National Novel Writing month - NaNoWriMo - or Nano for short! :)

Sorry for being obscure, and thanks for commenting. I'm afraid I've neglected my blog of late but I will be back much more regularly in future!