Thursday, August 21, 2008


I didn't list them in the last post cos I try to keep my posts short and snappy (except when I rant about first person present tense..

Anyway for those who may be interested the books I bought are:

1. Christians in China AD 600 to 2000. I think China is a fascinating country so how could I resist this? Nearly 600 pages and small print!

2. Church and State in Early Christianity. As this is a much debated topic (debated is perhaps the wrong word: usually it is proponents of a certain type of separation of Church and State who speak loudly on the subject), I thought a look at early Church history would be interesting.

3. Milestones (Memoirs 1927:1977). This slim volume is the autobiography of Pope Benedict XVI, and relates his life up to 1977 (when I think he became a cardinal. The book was first published in 1977).

4. Architects of the Culture of Death. A look at the main thinkers who shaped and influenced the culture of death that is so prevalent in the world today.

5. Jesuit Missionaries to North America. The 8 missionaries in question all arrived in North America between 1632 and 1637, and their story is told mainly through letters they wrote back to their superiors in France.

These 5 books were ordered about a week ago from the States. The postage was more expensive than the books, and yet altogether the total cost was under €35!!

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They sound interesting