Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I find it's generally one or the other.

It's nice to have a list of books waiting to be read but a lot of the time I find that I have nothing to read, or perhaps really I'm not in the mood to read anything piled up on my bedroom floor!

Having just finished the latest Odd Thomas book by Dean Koontz, I was given "The Pimpernell of the Vatican" - regarding the Irish priest Monsignor O'Flaherty who hid numerous escaped POWs, Jews, Italians, and in fact anyone who had fallen foul of the Nazis during their occupation of Rome (1943-44), and earlier helped those in need evade Mussolini's regime. At the same time, I was lent a recently written (though obviously not by Ian Fleming) James Bond novel. On top of that, I started to re-read that masterpiece "Black Rabbit Island" (written by me for Nanowrimo 2006) with a view to seeing if it could be polished up for publication.

I am enjoying all three books, despite their varied tales (zombies versus heroic priest versus secret agent). However today 5 books I ordered from Ignatius Press arrived - it's hard to resist starting one or two of them as well!

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Inkpot said...

Sounds interesting. I have just finished reading two really interesting books. Bemused - an anthology of fantasy and sci fi fiction and The Great Forest - the third installment in the Lucky Diamond series. I would recommend both of them. I must reread BRI.