Thursday, May 29, 2008


May has not been a bad month for me.

One acceptance - I suppose I could call that only one acceptance, but I'm happy that I got one. My productivity during April and May is quite low but at least it's a million times better than before.

For example:

May 2008 : 5 submissions so far (and I'd love to get a 6th on in by the weekend). 2 new, 3 re-submissions. 2 rejections and 1 acceptance.

April 2008: 7 submissions. 1 was a re-submission. 3 acceptances. 3 rejections.

February 2008: 1 submission - which was accepted in March.

January 2008: 1 submission (subsequently rejected).

Prior to 2008: 4 short stories submitted (plus 1 book submitted many times!).

I have spent a lot of time recently either studying or applying for jobs. I would love to think that I could continue with 1 submission a week. More would be better but I have to stay realistic here! Of course, I would like 1 new submission every week!

At the moment I have a 40% acceptance rating with Duotrope - which, they tell me, is higher than average for all users of their website over the last 12 months - I'd like to keep that level!


Inkpot said...

Wow, May has been a really good month, and that is in a year of good months. So far April seems to have been the best month but I'm sure the following months will better it. Keep up the good work. It is paying off in bucket loads (for both of us) and if you ever needed proof that you ARE a writer, just look at your success rate so far this year!

Inkpot said...

how is June going?

Inkpot said...

June must be going really well. You are obviously too busy to post. Looking forward to hearing all about it.