Thursday, May 8, 2008


Rejection is always very hard to take. If you receive feedback at the same time, that's great. Otherwise it's hard to know why the story was rejected - useless story or blind editor? I thought this was a good analysis of why stories get rejected.

The reason i mention this is - yes, rejected again (but speedily). In one way, I'm not surprised - I like the story but maybe it needs more polish. Perhaps the main character isn't likable (or dislikable) enough. I will re-read and amend before I send out again.

A couple of weeks ago my % acceptance in Duotrope was 75% - now it's 37.5%!!

Perseverance is key to success, I think.


Inkpot said...

That is a good article on rejection, thanks for linking to it. Don't worry about your stats on duotrope, they will rise again. I think you should work on your story if you feel it needs more work done, but remember - just because your story is rejected doesn't mean it needs more work.

Valinora Troy said...

True, but sometiems it's hard to tell!

Inkpot said...

True, it can be hard to tell, but here is a handy way to find out:-
Ask yourself
1. Was I happy with the story being the best possible story it could be when I sent it out?
2. Am I considering working on it because I feel it needs more work or simply because it was rejected?

Inkpot said...

You haven't posted in ages! What's up?