Monday, April 21, 2008


For the last few months I have been sending my children's fantasy story out to agents. I always quail when I see them ask for my writing biography. If I could only boast of my mother's five published books or my award-winning sibling - but I know they're not interested. Nor can I mention my fiction featured in school magazines (okay, I know that was a long time ago but still -!) or the holiday report published in the magazine of my former employers.

I did have an article accepted a few months ago (my first and only article submitted so far!), but it has yet to be published. Still, I throw it into my letter, hoping it will wow the agent into reading and loving my work.

Strangely enough, it doesn't seem to work. So I have changed my plan - build up a writing CV first and then re-submit my novel once I have reached an acceptable level of success. This blog - I hope! - will chart my success!

Therefore I started off submitting a micro-fiction piece to Alienskin Magazine, which was accepted for publication. You can view it here on-line until the end of May. I subsequently was published by Microhorror - read it here. And my paparazzi report on Toffee appeared in My Weekly of April 19th (I'm counting this as publication success for this blog only as I had hoped to get paid £25 for it. It won't make it onto my writing CV).

I have two short stories and three micro-horror out searching for homes at the moment. I want to continue to submit at least one piece of fiction a week (inspired by the success of Inkpot, who has received three acceptances in the last week and a half! Long may it continue!)


Anonymous said...

I think your own success is much more inspiring.

Inkpot said...

It sounds like you are on the right path VT, good luck with building up your cv. You have a good few names on it already.

Valinora Troy said...
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Valinora Troy said...

Yep, April has been good to us. Have to decide on where to go next!

Thanks, Anon - but you should read Inkpot's work (and you will have a chance to read it on-line next month!)