Monday, April 21, 2008


Since writing the above, I've just heard back about one of my micro-fiction tales - and it's good news!

My story 'Reflections' has been accepted by Necrotic Tissue, and will appear in their January 2008 issue.

This is my first paid fiction, and it's pretty exciting.

I don't think I've blogged really about Necrotic Tissue but they are a wonderful publication, their great taste and high standard goes without saying, but I do admire them because they really encourage new writers, and particularly want to help them to attain membership of the HWA (Horror Writers Association) - which I too would love to join!


Inkpot said...

Congrats, that's brilliant news. :)

Valinora Troy said...

Thanks, Inkpot!

Anonymous said...

Will you ever update this blog again?