Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Back in early September I got a job to deliver a training course, and although there was a syllabus, there was nothing else - in other words, I had to plan out every detail of the every day of the course, which started almost immediately. At the start of October, I took on two evening courses, also without any proper guidelines, notes, manuals or anything else.

Which has meant that I have been giving courses five days and two evenings a week and spending most of the rest of my time planning for the next day!! And when I haven't been planning or training, I've been too exhausted to do anything else.

So both writing and blogging have been suffering these last two months! of course, I have learned a lot from these jobs, not least how to type [slowly], and having some money is great! I will try to blog once a week from now on.


Inkpot said...

If you only had to deliver the course, why does it take up so much of your time? Can't you find the address? Glad to get an update. Remember, weekends are for blogging! Also glad you have learned how to type. How did you manage to write before? Was it all telepathic?

Valpot said...

Yes to both, inkpot!!

Still searching for the address!

Anonymous said...

hi all